Updated hours as of 8.1.2020

At Böba, we would like to thank our supportive customers and community for choosing to support a local woman minority owned business. Our staff all wish everyone is staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. We have updated our store hours Monday through Sunday from 12pm-8pm, every day to continue to serve our community! Unfortunately, we are not opening our lobby up to minimize risk and exposure to both our patrons and our employees. We understand this is frustrating to many of you, and we offer our sincerest apologies, but we are prioritizing public health to beat this virus. This way, we may all see you again, healthy, happy, and eager for your böba fix.

Due to rising costs, in rent, wages, as well as the cost of goods rising due to short supply, we will be increasing our pricing to stay open. We thank you once again for understanding and your continued support.

Please stay healthy everyone!


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